First Annual Healthcare Summit

November 17-20, 2010, Washington, DC

Women In Government held its first-ever Healthcare Summit at The Sofitel Hotel in Washington, DC.  The summit began on Wednesday, November 17th and concluded on Saturday, November 20, 2010.

This comprehensive three day event covered a wide range of issues from panels of nationally known expert speakers discussing the issues with an emphasis on what state policymakers can do to improve the lives of their constituents.

Below is a full list of discussed topics!

  • Preterm Infants - The Challenges & Costs
  • Developing Relationships with State Offices of Women's Health
  • Healthcare Reform & Its Impact on Women
  • Lupus & Its Impact on Women's Health
  • Post-partum Depression & Maternal Health
  • The Importance of Folate Supplements in Women's Health
  • Adult Immunication: Vaccines, Policies, & the Curse of Innumeracy & Denialism
  • Prescription Drugs: Innovative Approaches to Access & Affordability
  • Prescription Drugs: Patient Education, Monitoring & Compliance
  • Impacts of Federal Healthcare Reform Implementation
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • New Tools for Improving Allocation of Medical Resources
  • Cosmetic Procedures Sales Tax
  • Policy Initiatives That Impact Pain Management * Care-Giving
  • HPV & Cervical Cancer Campaigns Update
  • National Breast And Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program Update
  • Health Effects of Daylight Savings Time
  • Adpotion of E-Health Records: Implementation & Impact on States

Please see the Agenda for more information!

For Follow Up Sponsor information, please contact:
Sarah Mier
Development Manager
202.333.0825 ext. 246

For any additional questions, please contact:
Brenna Kehew
Policy Associate
202.333.0825 ext. 211

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