14th Annual Southern & 15th Annual Eastern Regional Conferences

July 18-20, 2013 , Boston, MA
14th Annual Southern & 15th Annual Eastern Regional Conferences
Thursday, July 18 - Saturday, July 20

Omni Parker House Boston

Boston, Massachusetts

Women In Government is pleased to announce its 14th Annual Southern Regional & 15th Annual Eastern Regional Conferences which will take place together on July 18-20 in Boston, Massachusetts. The meeting will convene women state legislators throughout both regions to discuss cutting-edge public policy issues. Topics will include diabetes, energy, the environment, education, economic development, and more.

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HPV & Cervical Cancer: Declining Trends & Important Steps
In a new CDC study, data shows that the HPV vaccine has helped lower HPV infection rates in teen girls. This session focused on the findings of that report, as well as the needed steps to continue this decline through the support of groups like The Yellow Umbrella that work to spread awareness. Dr. Melinda Wharton, the Deputy Director for the National Center for Immunization & Respitory Diseases at the CDC, spoke about the CDC Report, which appeared in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, attributed vaccination as the cause for the dramatic reduction and advocates increased outreach to vaccinate girls 13 through 17 to protect them from a life threatening disease. To learn more, view her presentation here. The next panelist, Christine Baze, spoke about her experience with cervical cancer, the need for access to liquid pap smears, and the importance of immunizations as well. Learn more with her work at the Yellow Umberella organization here.

The Challenges of Compounding Medications
In the wake of last fall’s contaminated compounded drug catastrophe that resulted in many meningitis deaths, enhanced FDA oversight is needed to protect the public health. This session addressed the issues of compounding medications. To learn more about this topic, view Dr. Gudeman's presentation here, and Dr. Ashley Roman's presentation here.

Quality Healthcare: Measuring & Improving
This session featured the different measures improving quality healthcare and address the need for efficient, effective, and high quality care for all Americans. Paul Cotton, the Director of Federal Affairs for the National Committee for Quality Assurance, spoke about the different options legislators have to raise the bar to improve quality care. Learn more about quality improvement options by viewing Mr. Cotton's presentation here.

Changing Policies & Markets: Telecommunications
The telecommunication market has dramatically changed, yet regulatory policies remain the same. This session looked at the options state legislators have to align state policies with the current realities. Charles Davidson, the Director of the Advanced Communications Law & Policy Institute at New York Law School, spoke about his work on the topic. Learn more by viewing his presentation here.

Protecting Power with Underground Utilities
Lauren Thomas, MBA, the Senior Project Manager for the Public Service Electric & Gas Company based in New Jersey spoke about her company's efforts following the chaos of Hurrican Sandy.  The session looked at how underground utilities can play an important role when disaster strikes.

Energy Workforce Development Programs
Ann Randazzo Executive Director from the Center for Energy Workforce Development, spoke about the how energy companies need  The session explored the challenges of meeting the demands of the energy sector’s workforce. Learn about how legislators can promote training for energy jobs by viewing Ms. Randazzo's presentation here.

Comprehensive Treatment of Obesity
Adult obesity is trending upward alarmingly in every state in the nation.  This session focused on defining the contributing factors and offering solutions to policy makers who are engaged in reversing the trend. To learn more about obesity and various treatment options, view Mr. Nadglowski's presentation here.

The Continued Impact of Diabetes
This session will focus on the interplay between diabetes and obesity to provide a greater understanding of contributing modifiable factors. Barbara Olendzki, the Director of the Center for Applied Nutrition at the University of Massachusetts Medical School gave a presentation on her work as a dietitian, and how to prevent diabetes. In discussion, one program Cooking Matters was mentioned as a great program Learn more by viewing her presentation here.

Developing Superior Oncology Care
Cancer patients continue to need innovative therapies based upon quality care. This session gave a hard look at the behind the scenes considerations leading to superior oncological rehabilitative services impacting both patients and survivors. Julie Silver, MD, the co-founder of Oncology Rehab Partners spoke about her experience with cancer both as a patient and a provider.
Mental Health: A Continuing Policy Challenge
Senator Jennifer Flanagan and Representative Kimberley Ferguson presented on their work on mental health parity, on the Joint Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse. This session focuseed on what state legislative leaders are confronted with in ensuring citizens with mental health issues receive the quality care they deserve and require. To learn more, view their presentation here.


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For Policy information, please contact:
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