Minnesota State Briefing: Domestic Violence

March 11, 2011, Minneapolis, MN

Women In Government Luncheon & Minnesota State Briefing
Featuring Information on Domestic Violence

Friday, March 11, 2011
State Capitol Building
, Room 318

This event was hosted by Senator Amy Koch and Representative Phyllis Kahn.

This State Briefing featured expert speakers to discuss how gun violence often plays a prevalent role in domestic violence cases. According to a study in the Journal of American Medical Women’s Association “women are twice as likely to be shot and killed by intimate partners as they are to be murdered by strangers using any type of weapon.” With these statistics in mind, this session focused on what states can do and have done to remove guns from domestic violence situations. Linda Riddle, Executive Director of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, provided an overview on domestic violence in the state. Following her presentation, Heather Martens from Citizens for a Safer Minnesota gave a presentation on the connection between gun violence and domestic violence. In addition, legislators heard background on Women In Government (WIG) from North Dakota Representative Kathy Hawken, Member of the WIG Board of Directors.

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