Other Opportunities

Women In Government is committed to providing the latest policy information for its members by offering a variety of forums for the exchange of ideas on a specific policy issue.  Business Council and Associate members have the opportunity to support the following initiatives:

  • Learning Exchanges- Women In Government offers a standalone policy conference, over two to three days, offering multiple panel presentations and featured speakers on a particular policy topic.  Attendees take a deep dive into an issue important to their state.
  • State Policy Roundtable – Women In Government produces a two to three hour policy briefing on a policy topic important to the state.  This capitol-based activity includes female and male state legislators, legislative staff, research bureau analysts and other stakeholders featuring local and state speakers. 

  • Networking Reception/Meet 'n Greet Opportunities – Women In Government hosts networking receptions and Meet ‘n Greet opportunities for all state legislators and legislative staff.  Celebrating women’s roles in the legislature, these events offer informal conversation and interaction.

  • Knowledge Expeditions- Women In Government offers members an opportunity to tour industry sites and learn of their policy priorities.  This one day event includes state legislators from within the state and region of the business and includes expert speakers and industry leaders.

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

  • Policy Quick Kits and Toolkits