Childhood Obesity Task Force

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September 21-22, 2013
Oklahoma City, OK
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Saturday, September 21 - Sunday, September 22
Renaissance Hotel Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
The Childhood Obesity Task Force featured expert speakers from non-profits, academia, the medical community, advocacy organizations, and policymakers. Women state legislators convened in roundtable discussions to examine the impact of childhood obesity in their individual states or region and identify opportunities for making policy-level changes to address childhood obesity in their states.

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As the conference is happening, updates on sessions will be added below:

Introduction to Childhood Obesity Policy Issues
Craig Moscetti, MPH, the Policy & Program Associate for the Leadership for Healthy Communities (LHC) talked about its partnership with Women In Government in 2012, and throughout 2013 to bring attention to childhood obesity issues. Women In Government launched a Policy Resource Center with LHC, and is launching a legislative toolkit to provide the necessary information to reverse the childhood obesity epidemic in their communities and states. His presentation provided an general overview of the topic, and offered some ways legislators can be involved to combat childhood obesity.

Policies to Increase Access to Healthy, Affordable Foods
The Food Trust addresses the lack of access to healthy, affordable food, and diet-related diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, through direct intervention and broader policy changes which can have long-lasting impact. In this session, John Weidman, MA, the Deputy Executive Director for The Food Trust, spoke about the many successful ways states have addressed this issuse with public-private partnerships, grants, and more. Learn more about the opportunities The Food Trust offers communities at their website here, and view Mr. Weidman's presentation here. He also encourages legislators to utilize the Healthy Food Access Portal here.

Policies to Increase Healthy Living: Improving Streets & Economic Development
Roger Millar, the Vice President of Smart Growth America, spoke on how Smart Growth strategies help ensure communities develop in ways that keep children and families healthy, and provide safe places to exercise outside. He provided technical expertise on how to implement complete street policies- and gave legislators information on how these changes can not only be beneficial forcreating green space and better developed land in terms of walkability, but also in terms of creating economic development. Learn more about complete streets here, and by viewing Mr. Millar's presentation here.

Promoting Physical Activity in School Curricula
In this session, legislators learned about how they can take advantage of the many programs the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has to offer so that they can engage with schools, companies, community organizations, healthcare professionals, and families to transform the conditions and systems that lead to healthier kids. Daniel Hatcher, MPH, the National Healthy Out-of-School Time Advisor for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, led legislators in a discussion on how healthy living is incorporated in their own lives, and how they being these strategies to their districts. Learn more by visiting the Alliance for a Healthier Generation's website here.

Improving Student Activity
Instant Recess® is a movement of activists dedicated to making America healthier 10 minutes at a time. By introducing brief activity breaks in the middle of the day, we can make activity the norm. These tactics can be implemented throughout schools across the country in order to increase physical activity. Denise Woods-Bevly, DrPH, the Project Director for REACH Healthy-by-Default Initiative at UCLA spoke about how she studied that students that engage in movenent during their day end up moving more throughout the day. Learn more about visiting Instant Recess's website here and by viewing Ms. Woods-Bevly's presentation here.

Improving Access to Healthy Foods
Roberta Friedman, the Director of Public Policy for the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University. The Rudd Center focuses on multiple aspects of children’s nutrition. Specifically, they provide research and policy reccomendations on access to sugary drinks in schools and marketing of junk-food to kids. View Ms. Friedman's presentation here.

Community Organizations: Engaging Policy Makers & Facilitating Change
Rocaille Roberts, MPH, the Project Director for Healthy Living Matters in Harris County, TX, spoke about her work engaging policy makers to fight childhood obesity. Learn more about their successes and challenges in working with legislators by viewing her presentation here.


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