Fifth Annual Energy Summit

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September 18-19, 2013
Oklahoma City, OK
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Wednesday, September 18 - Thursday, September 19, 2013
Renaissance Hotel Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Women In Government hosted its Fifth Annual Energy Summit, September 18-19, 2013, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The meeting convened women state legislators from across the United States to discuss current and emerging energy policies, including production, transmission, innovations and new technology, alternative and renewable energy, tax credits, energy efficiency, and more.
Women In Government has great resources on energy topics. Access our Energy Toolkit here.

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The Importance of Women as Energy Leaders
Representative Helen Miller, Member at Large for Women In Government Board of Directors, and Ranking Member of the Agriculture Committee for the Iowa State Legislature and Montana Senator Elsie Arntzen, Member at Large for Women In Government Board of Directors, and one of the only female members of the NSCL Energy Committee spoke to legislators about their experiences in energy in their states. Women are underrepresented in the legislature as a whole, especially in the energy field. Many women are defying this average and taking a bigger role in this male-dominated sector. This session addressed how important it is for more women to be involved in these topics. Legislators discussed their diverse energy portfolios and the status of energy in their states.

Meeting the Demand for Electricity: Need, Waste, & Solutions
This session provided background on how the demand for electricity will only increase in the years to come and how legislators can prepare their states to meet this growing demand. Fred Beach, PhD, MS, the Associate Director for Policy Studies at the Energy Institute at the University of Texas spoke on this topic and provided his expertise. He noted that the US wastes huge portions of its energy production. He recommended the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's resources, available here, for legislators to find state-specific information on energy production and usage. To learn more about the demand and waste of electricity, view his presentation here.

When Disasters Strike: Emergency Utility Response
In 2013, powerful tornados tore through the state of Oklahoma, wreaking havoc across the state. In these emergency situations, restoring power is crucial for rebuilding and safety. This session provided information on how states can anticipate and prepare for disasters. Sidney Sperry, the Director of Public Relations for Communications & Research at the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives and the creator of the Sperry–Piltz Ice Accumulation Index, which aims to predict inclement icy weather to better prepare and plan for utility response. Visit the index here to find out how icy weather may impact your state. Access more information about his presentation here.

Petroleum: Pipelines, Hydraulic Fracturing, Shale, & More
Katherine Richard, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Warwick Energy Group gave a presentation on the basics of shale energy. To learn more about the topic, access her presentation here. Jeff Wilson, the Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the Oklahoma Petroleum Association also spoke about key petroleum issues.

Natural Gas & Economic Benefits
Sherri McCarthy, the Manager of State Affairs at the American Chemistry Council, gave a presentation on the projected economic impact of natural gas and the public policy implications. Natural gas is utilized in a wide variety of products from glass, diapers, plastics, trash bags, tires, and more. The US has affordable shale gas which makes products less expensive to produce. View Ms. McCarthy's presentation here to learn more.

Developing Wind Energy
View the opening video from this segment here, which set the stage for Kylah McNabb to provide great background on developing wind energy. She recommends legislators look at an important report at This report evaluates the Department of Oklahoma Energy's forecast of a new “wind vision” - milestones for 2020, 2030 and 2050. She talked about various tax credits, and incentives that Oklahoma has offered to those building wind turbines and those wishing to implement them into their business or school district. Learn more about wind energy here.

Developing an Energy Portfolio: Renewables
The Center for New Energy Economy provides a free tool for legislators to access legislation on renewables, and stay on the cutting edge of state energy policy. Maury Dobbie, the Assistant Director for the Center for New Energy Economy, gave a presentation on renewable energy and the legislation that has been proposed and enacted on energy issues. The Advanced Energy Legislative Tracker is an incredible tracker - that indexes and analyzes energy legislation for all fifty states. To learn more, view her presentation here, and visit the legislative tracker here.

State Energy Plans
This session featured examples of how states are creating plans to address the energy needs of the state. Jay Albert, BBA, the Deputy Secretary of Energy for Oklahoma spoke about the composition of Oklahoma's energy- focusing mainly on natural gas and wind energy. Learn more about Oklahoma's state energy plan by viewing his presentation here. Senator Pat Spearman, from the Nevada State Legislature, gave a presentation on oil-dependent Nevada and how she is looking to make strides towards renewables and energy independence. Learn more about her legislative work here. Devan Willemsen spoke about Maryland's state energy plan and the ambitious EmPower Maryland program which aims at lowering the state's consumption in the next few years. Learn more about Maryland energy by viewing Ms. Willemsen's presentation here, or visiting Maryland's website here.


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