Healthcare Reform Task Force

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July 20-21, 2013
Boston, MA
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Omni Parker House Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

Saturday, July 20 - Sunday, July 21
The meeting convened women state legislators from across the United States to discuss state-level healthcare reform implementation, including essential benefits packages, health IT, Medicaid reform, chronic disease prevention, high-risk pools, health insurance exchanges, and more. We hope the conference will be helpful, provide insight on key issues, and leave legislators better prepared to handle the issues associated with implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

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Affordable Healthcare Act: Are We There Yet?
Christine Barber, the Senior Policy Analyst for Community Catalyst provided an overview of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions and the status of State Health Exchanges, focusing on the law. She kicked off the Task Force and facilitated discussion and fielded questions from the group of legislators. She recommended a fun video that summarized the issue, accessible here on YouTube. She also recommended legislators visit the Urban Institute at to find specific information for their state.

Healthcare Market Reforms– Making Sense of Coverage & Products
This session delved more deeply into what plans will be offering patients as a result of ACA from the perspective of the providers. Ashley Walter-Dumm, MPH, MBA, the Senior Health Policy Director at WellPoint gave more insight to what patients and providers are scrambling to understand the new healthcare market place. Learn more about by viewing her presentation here.

State Implementation of ACA
Can states do everything they are required to do? This session will elaborated on the opening segments by synthesizing the data and reform options, and provided a reality check on whether states have capacity for implementing ACA. Donna Boswell, Esq., a Partner at Hogan Lovells provided her expertise on the topic. To learn more, view her presentation here.

Care Coordination: One Tool for Success in Healthcare Reform
Kenyatta Lee, MD, the Assistant Dean of Medical Management & Metrics at the University of Florida Academic Health Center, UF & Shands gave a presentation on patient-centered medical homes. This session featured information on a model of healthcare delivery that improves the quality of care for patients by encouraging collaboration among care providers. Learn more about the topic here.

Oncology Care & Healthcare Reform
Cancer patients have been impacted by federal government spending cuts mandated by sequestration, in some instances by more expensive therapies. This session focused on how providers and patients are coping with the consequences. Marc Hymovitz, the Director of Government Relations and Advocacy for the American Cancer Society Action Network spoke about how cancer research has been negatively impaired due to sequestration. To learn more, view his presentation here.

Medicaid Expansion: Considerations for States
Joan Henneberry, MS, Principal at Health Management Associates gave a presentation on how states are making decisions about expanding their Medicaid populations, a complex and nuanced process. The session discussed the options states have including eligibility, service delivery systems, payment reforms, data analysis, and workforce initiatives.

Federally Facilitated Health Exchange
This session looked at federally facilitated health exchanges that many states are choosing as a route, as it is required in every state by January 1, 2014. Michelle Rouzer, PMP, the HCR Implementation Director for Blue Cross Blue Shield spoke about her work in Pennsylvania. To learn more, view her presentation here.

Quality Healthcare Case Study: Maryland
Carolyn Quattrocki, JD, the Executive Director for the Governor's Office of Health Care Reform, spoke about her work in Maryland. Maryland was on the forefront of healthcare reform and this session features the challenges and successes of that state’s efforts, and her presentation detailed their reforms. To learn more, view her presentation here.

Communication Strategies & Consumer Assistance
Strong collaboration between government leaders and the private sector is required to educate and successfully enroll the public in the new healthcare programs. Michael Katzman, JD, the Director of Public Government & Regulatory Affairs from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Massachusetts provided an update on the Massachusetts experience in enrollment outreach and the communication strategies employed. To learn more, view his presentation here.


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