Women In Government Events Overview

Women In Government (WIG) hosts a wide range of events to educate and inform state legislators on critical public policy topics facing their state.  From national conferences to state-based activities such as policy roundtables, WIG offers dynamic opportunities to cultivate relationships among all political parties.  Many events offer Travel Scholarships for women state legislators to provide policymakers in all states the opportunity to participate in our events. 

Women In Government’s number one priority is everyone’s health and safety, and therefore we are closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 or the coronavirus.

This includes monitoring the latest from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for updates and additional information.

“Don’t panic, just prepare” is the message that is being disseminated to the public. Timothy Brewer, a professor of epidemiology and medicine at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health and its David Geffen School of Medicine states “Don’t panic, there’s no value in panicking or telling people to be afraid. Don’t let fear and emotion drive the response to this virus. That can be extremely difficult because it is new, and we’re still learning about it, but don’t allow fear of what we don’t know about the virus to overwhelm what we do know.”

Please click here to read WIG's Code of Conduct adopted by Women In Government's Board of Directors that outline the core values and expectations of our events.