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The Diabetes Policy Resource Center is a clearinghouse of educational materials and policy resources aimed to address the gaps in the education, prevention, and management of diabetes and related diseases. Working with various stakeholders, Women In Government will continue to build and disseminate resources for legislators and policymakers, and mobilize women state legislators to adopt sound policies on diabetes in their states.


What types of legislation exist for diabetes and diabetes-related issues?

What diabetes programs, projects,and demonstrations exist?

How can we address disparities and gaps in treating diabetes?

How do we help our constituents? The Legislative Toolkit

What resources exist for state legislators?

What resources exist for state legislators to share with their constituents?


Women In Government's quarterly newsletter, Diabetes Health Challenge, contains relevant articles on diabetes and diabetes-related issues.  Additionally, Diabetes Health Challenge aims to disseminate information on current legislative activities, including the individual activities of current legislators.  

To access Diabetes Health Challenge, please visit http://womeningovernment.org/diabetes/newsletters

Finally, Women In Government would like to hear about the efforts of state legislators to push diabetes to the forefront of the healthcare discussion.  Please keep us informed of any activities and events happening in your community and we will be sure to include them in our Diabetes Health Challenge newsletter as well as on the Diabetes Policy Resource Center.  To submit an activity or event, please e-mail us at policy@womeningovernment.org