Representative Helene M. Keeley (D-DE)

Women In Government Involvement:

Representative Keeley is a State Director for Women In Government. She recently attended the Third Annual Energy Summit and the 13th Annual Eastern Regional Conference, & Outreach to Vulnerable Populations.

Legislative Activity:

Representative Keeley works hard to champion the needs of her constituents on financial issues. She sponsored House Bill (H.B.) 303 that focused on curtailing the potentially predatory lending practices associated with anticipated tax refunds. Anticipation lending involves a loan in which a taxpayer borrows money based on the estimated value of his or her annual tax return. Representative Keeley attributes the lack of legislative consumer protection safeguards as a principle reason why these loans have threatened the economic stability and well being of Delaware’s residents.

As a dedicated member of the State Poverty Task Force, Representative Keeley proposes legislation that is focused on ensuring the economic success for Delaware families. Keeley is a representative of an entirely urban area, and as such she recognizes the needs of her constituents and is enthusiastically working to ameliorate the economic effects of predatory lending in her district.