Representative Janet Cruz (D-FL)

Women In Government Involvement:

Representative Cruz is a State Director for Women In Government. She recently attended the 19th Annual State Directors' & Tenth Biennial First Term Legislators' Conference.

Legislative Activity and Profile:

From Representative Cruz:
"As a working single mother raising two children, I knew firsthand how difficult the struggle was to work to provide for my children when they were younger. I know how difficult it can be to make decisions for your family when you do not have a lot of options available to you. My struggles to make ends meet when I was a young mother still resonate with me today. I do understand what so many Floridians and American families are going through as they make tough choices today. 

Because of my own experiences, I decided to become a legislator to try to help others who need a step up. I am constantly reminded of this when I am in Tallahassee and at home in my district in Tampa. Economic development and opportunities have guided my interests and actions as a member of the Florida House of Representatives.
For the past two years I have filed legislation to give Florida businesses a tax break when they engage in business with smaller business within the state. Basically, this gives the larger business a tax break while improving a smaller business’ bottom line and allowing them to hire new employees.  It is a win-win for all businesses in Florida. We hope to see this bill pass during the 2013 Legislative Session.
I am also very proud to sponsor the Helen Gordon Davis Fair Pay Protection Act, House Bill 613. Named after a pioneer female lawmaker in Florida, this bill requires equal pay for equal work for women. It also establishes the Governor's Recognition Award for Pay Equity in the Workplace; an award that would be made annually to businesses that have engaged in activities that eliminate barriers to equal pay for equal work for women.
At home in Tampa for the past three years, my office has successfully hosted a large job fair in the district.  This known event brings over 100 employers and over 1,000 job seekers together to provide opportunities for employment.  As one of the first members of the Florida House to host such an event, I am proud to say that many other representatives have followed my example and have hosted their own job fairs in their district.
It is an honor and a privilege to represent my constituents in Florida.  My goal has been to work hard to keep my promises of making the lives of constituents in the district better. The fight will continue for a better life for all Floridians."