Senator Beverly Marrero (D-TN)

Women In Government Involvement:

Senator Beverly Marrero is a State Director for Women in Government. She regularly attends the Southern Regional, Conference and adds constructive insight to a variety of topics discussed there.

Legislative Activity:

Senator Marrero has proposed many bills associated with securing the economic success and opportunities of her Tennessee constituents. Notably she sponsored Senate Bill (S.B.) 94, which is a Consumer Protection act and as introduced, requires any gift card or prepaid card issued as payment of a rebate to contain an expiration date conspicuously printed on the card. She also sponsored S.B. 93, which protects the identity and credit of constituents by imposing civil and criminal penalties against certain persons who knowingly fail to perform credit card or debit card identification checks at the point of sale. During this fiscal recession, her legislation S.B. 1487 creates a pilot project in Shelby County for voluntary mediation prior to the foreclosure of loans entered into under such act. Along the same lines, her S.B. 1613, extends time for foreclosure notice and requires notice be given to borrower of foreclosure counseling as well as requires mortgage loans be based upon ability of borrower to repay such loans. These bills mark primary examples why we at WIG have named Senator Marrero a Family Economic Success Champion.