Senator Howard (D-NE)

Legislative Activity and Profile:

As a freshman member of the Unicameral legislature, Senator Sara Howard hit the ground running with several bills geared toward promoting the economic, social, and physical health of Nebraska's families.

Senator Howard successfully lobbied the Appropriations Committee to secure additional funding for Nebraska's Early Intervention/Nurse Visitation Program, a program that identifies and creates supports around at-risk parents, preventing child abuse and entry into the child welfare system. Early Intervention programs have been proven to increase school readiness in children and improve family economic viability.

Senator Howard introduced LB 236 this year to establish an individual development account pilot program to assist working families in achieving long-term self-sufficiency by providing matching funds for earned-income savings. Additionally, Senator Howard introduced LB 330 to increase the gross income limit for Nebraska's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants, allowing participants to increase their wages without losing critical benefits.

As a member of the Health and Human Service Committee, Senator Howard is part of a team of Senators fighting to provide health insurance to uninsured Nebraskans through expanded Medicaid. Senator Howard remains committed to ensuring that hardworking Nebraskans have healthcare coverage.