Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-WI)

Women In Government Involvement:

Representative Vinehout is a member of Women In Government and a former State Director. She has enjoyed being a member of WIG and attending WIG events.

Legislative Activity:

Senator Kathleen Vinehout, has worked to protect the financial well being of her constituents. She proposed The Student Credit Protection Bill (S.B. 525). This legislation is made to secure the future financial literacy of young adults. The Bill is intended to educate students about credit card debt and assist them in avoiding potential predatory tactics from credit card companies. The first step in achieving this goal is restricting the access credit card companies have to students. As outlined in Vinehout’s bill, the offering of any tangible item to induce a student to apply for or participate in an open−end credit plan is strictly prohibited. Additionally, companies will be prohibited from engaging in any marketing of a credit card that involves the physical presence of an individual representing the credit card issuer on campus.

The second important step is financial literacy for college students. A key component to the bill requires each institution of higher education to provide on its Website information about financial literacy. This will ensure that future generations of college graduates will not only be equipped with the academic knowledge to build a career, but the financial literacy to manage their earnings.