Senator Nan Orrock (D-GA)

Women In Government Involvement:

Senator Orrock has been a member of Women In Government since 1998 and is active in regional conferences and meetings. She is a member of WIG's Board of Directors.

Legislative Activity:

In 2008, Senator Orrock sponsored Senate Bill 531, a bill relating to foreclosure on mortgages, conveyances to secure debt, and liens, so as to require a foreclosure to be conducted by the current owner or holder of the mortgage. The Bill was signed into law on May 13, 2008.

When asked about the legislation, Senator Orrock commented “The foreclosure crisis hits at the very core of our American spirit. Foreclosures burden the families involved, disadvantage the entire community by impacting home values, and erode the tax base for the city and county, which in turn impairs services. We all have a stake in addressing the foreclosure crisis and I devoted myself to efforts that produced Senate Bill 531, a step forward, and secured a commitment to undertake a fuller study of policy remedies for next year.”

In 2009 Senator Orrock has continued to speak about the foreclosure crisis including sponsoring Senate Bill 57, the Georgia Fair Lending Act. This piece of legislation changes definitions providing limitations on home loans and high interest home loans and calls for limitations on fees for related filing matters. Sen. Orrock was quoted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on January 27, 2009 that this bill was “a good faith, bi-partisan effort” to address the foreclosure crisis. She continued by saying “It’s time to get away from blaming the homeowners.”