Policy Conference

WIG Webinar: Obesity Epidemic: Lack of Access to Care and Treatment

Event Date(s): 
April 28, 2021
Via Zoom

This webinar discussed obesity as a medical issue that requires re-framing in the minds of individuals, policymakers, healthcare providers and employers. Featured speakers will present public health statistics and “State of the State” data as we consider ways stakeholders could increase awareness and access to treatment while addressing how stigma, bias and discrimination in the workplace also affect outcomes.


Empowering Young Women to Find Their Voices: Building the Next Generation of STEAM Leaders

Event Date(s): 
Monday, March 8, 2021


As leaders in our communities, women legislators serve as role models for future generations of leaders and empower young women to find their voices and chart their career paths. The pioneers on this panel discussed their experiences and the education, training and skills needed to help close gender gaps and launch what will eventually be successful causes and careers, including those in STEAM.  


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