Advanced Technology & Innovations Summit

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September 24-25, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana
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Women In Government hosted its first Advanced Technology & Innovations Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana. This event was reframed from Women In Government’s past annual Energy Summits to include multiple perspectives on technology and innovations. The meeting convened women state legislators from across the United States to discuss current and emerging energy policies, innovative technology, medical innovations, transportation, telecommunications, alternative and renewable energy, tax credits, energy efficiency, and more.

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Women Leadership in the High-Tech World of Petrochemical & Fuel Manufacturing 
In a session moderated by Melissa Hockstad, the Vice President of Petrochemicals at the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers, she and additional panelists spoke about their work, and their role as leaders in their feilds. Angelia Graves, the Director of Public & State Government Affairs for Marathon Petroleum Corporation – Refining and Tobie Craig, the vice president of marketing and workforce development strategies for Turner Industries, a $2.2 billion heavy industrial maintenance and construction contractor and the largest privately held company in Louisiana with more than18,000 employees nationwide, 13,207 of which work in Louisiana. They all gave legislators background information on petrochemicals, which are manufactured from crude oil and natural gas liquids, and are used to manufacture a huge variety of goods.

  • To learn more, access their presentation here.

Energy Portfolios & Energy Diversity Panel
Diversifying energy portfolios is a strategic imperative in order to meet today’s supply and demand. Recently, the Cambridge Energy Research Associates issued a report that stressed the economic importance of energy diversity for states, and this session addresses their findings. A panel of experts featuring Ronny Just, the External Issues Manager from Georgia Power, Lola Infante, PhD, the Director of Generation Fuels & Market Analysis for the Edison Electric Institute, and Natalie Joubert, the Vice President of Policy for the Consumer Energy Alliance spoke about the need for diversity in their industries.

  • Access Ronny Just's presentation here
  • Access Lola Infante's presentation here
  • Access Natalie Joubert's presentation here

Innovations at Louisiana’s Ports
Catherine Dunn, the Deputy Director of Port Development of the Port of New Orleans spoke about how it has become more innovative and features a state-of-the-art Riverfront Cold Storage Facility, which recently won an award from the American Association of Ports.

  • To learn more, access Catherine Dunn's presentation here.  

Plastics to Oil: A New Renewable 
Facilitated by Representative Joni Jenkins, this session provided legislators with information on the innovative way used plastics, which likely would otherwise end up in a landfill, are being repurposed into oil. Speakers included Jennifer Killinger, the Senior Director of Sustainability & Public Outreach at the American Chemistry Council, and Alyssa Schabel, Enivironmental Engineer at RES Polyflow, LLC. 

  • Access Jennifer Killinger's presentation here
  • Access Alyssa Schabel's presentation here

Developing an Energy Portfolio: Renewables 
This session provided legislators with the information they need to say on the cutting edge of energy state policy regarding renewable energy sources, including wind, geothermal, and solar resources. 

  • View Sarah Cottrell Propst's presentation here.

Innovative Automobile Technology
In a session highlighting key topics in public policy regarding innovations in the auto industry, Hilary Cain and Jaycie Chitwood, both from Toyota, presented options to encourage auto innovation usage.

Telemedicine Innovations 
As digital camera technology improves and becomes more and more accessible, new avenues of diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment are available. This session gave legislators an update on the emerging health technology.

  • To learn more, access Nancy Gagliano's presentation here

Medical Innovations in Oncology
Legislators can play a critical role in protecting innovation through policies they promote. This session explored medical innovations as an important source of high value jobs while being instrumental in advancing healthcare and saving lives.  

Telecommunications - Broadband Adoption in Underserved Communities 
Closing the Digital Divide by increasing broadband adoption among minority, low-income and underserved communities was the focus of this session. The current trend toward moving essential resources online is creating an imperative to address the lower levels of adoption among these population groups so that they don't fall behind economically, sociall, or politically. 

Emerging Payment Technology
From paying with cash to swiping or tapping cards on our mobile phones, methods of payment have experienced significant change over time. Technological advances in the emerging payments industry have the potential for paving the way for innovative solutions. Bitcoin is one such emergent currency that has captured the imagination - and wallets - of many. 

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