About the Program

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About the Future Women In Government Program

Women In Government inaugurated its new Future Women In Government (previously Pathways to Power) program at its 14th Annual Southern and 15th Annual Eastern Regional Conference in Boston, MA on July 18-20, 2013. The purpose of the program is to demonstrate hands-on leadership and mentoring for the next generation of women civic and political leaders. Marjorie Maginn, past President and CEO of WIG, explains, “Women In Government supports women of all ages in leadership roles, and is working hard to ensure that young women are given the resources and mentorship they need in order to achieve their goals.” This program takes place at WIG Regional conferences. WIG asks women state legislators and leaders in the private and public sectors to encourage young women across the country to pursue leadership roles.
Impetus for this program came from the “Teach a Girl to Lead” project sponsored by the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers University and the goals of the White House Council on Women and Girls Leadership. Future WIG builds on those mutual goals to  give participants an opportunity to connect with state legislators from across the country and leaders in the private sector to facilitate a deeper discussion on women in leadership.

Thanks to Southwest Airlines, WIG has been able to expand the program to include a spot for Future Women In Government Alumnus! With their support, students who have participated in one program can apply to attend a program in a different part of the country to continue to network and connect with more ambitious students.