Pulse Poll on Sexual Harassment in State Legislatures

NEW: SESSION SNAPSHOT: Sexual Harassment Pulse Poll

The results are in from our Sexual Harassment in State Legislatures Pulse Poll!

As the issue of sexual harassment continues to make headlines in Washington, DC and in many states, Women In Government compiled information on steps states have already taken or are proposing to take in response. We posed the following questions to state legislators nationwide:

  • Does your state currently have provisions to address sexual harassment? If so, are provisions legislative, administrative/procedural, or both? Please select all that apply, and use the comment section below to describe what each selection is intended to do.
  • Who is covered by your state's provisions to address sexual harassment?
  • What measures, if any, are you or your state considering to address sexual harassment, and what is it intended to do?

We received responses from 23 states which will help us to frame our discussions at our conferences this year and we hope to update this information as states continue their work. 

National Press on the topic:

**Thank you to all of the legislators that participated in our Pulse Poll!**

Check out the results below:

State Examples:

Sample Legislation