Current State Directors

The Women In Government State Directors Program was designed to provide a link between legislators and the national Women In Government headquarters in Washington, D.C.

With respect to programs, the State Directors identify the development of key issues, help set symposia in their respective cities, and help identify potential funders. The State Directors come together at the Annual State Directors' Conference to set the topical agenda for the upcoming year. Every other year, the State Directors' Conference is held in conjunction with the Biennial First Term Legislators' Conference, providing mentoring and networking for the newly elected women state legislators, in addition to the educational programs hosted for them.

In addition to assisting with program topics, the State Directors disseminate Women In Government information to fellow legislators and recruit new members.


Women In Government is all about connection – connecting issues to legislators, connecting legislators to one another, and connecting new, dynamic movers and shakers to WIG with each passing year. That’s why the WIG State Directors Program is so pivotal. 

Designed to provide a consistent, cultivated link between legislators and Women In Government, the WIG State Directors Program appoints four legislators from each state to serve as boots-on-the-ground ambassadors for WIG across the country.

The program aims to elect a bipartisan cohort comprised of two Senators and two Representatives from each state. These powerhouse legislators are committed WIG participants who help our organization identify key topical issues, set culturally appropriate agendas in their respective states, expand our statewide legislator network, and connect WIG to potential funding.