Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

Faith, Strength, and Passion is an embracive recipe for President Pro Tempore of the Louisiana State Senate, Sharon Weston Broome. She tastefully exemplifies the meaning of impact, mentorship, and service throughout her community and her experience in leadership illustrate her dedication and commitment under the umbrella of public service. During her tenure in the legislature, Weston Broome has been strongly involved in the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative Women (N.O.B.E.L), National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), and the State Legislative Leaders Foundation.

Many are fascinated by Senator Weston Broome’s impact in areas that may have not been viewed as achievable. For example, Weston Broome is part of the small percentage of women in government nationwide (24%) and state-wide (10.26 %). In addition, she is the only woman in the history of Louisiana who has been Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives and Vice President of the Louisiana Senate.  Senator Weston Broome is devoted to being a role model and an example to young ladies who aspire to follow the path she has gracefully created as it relates to accomplishing the unordinary. Senator Weston Broome believes. “Your care for others is the true measure of your greatness.

Inarguably keen, Louisiana State Senator Weston Broome received a Bachelors and Master in Communications from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and Regent University, respectively. Her interest in communications and leadership was sparked at an early age and eventually lead to an attraction toward political matters. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, her talents and expertise became even more conspicuous during her time as a reporter for WBRZ-TV (ABC-Baton Rouge). Today, she is a nationally recognized communications consultant and President of Sharon Weston Broome Communication, Inc.

Transitioning into other essential roles to serve citizens in the state of Louisiana, Senator Weston Broome was first elected in 1989 to the Metro Council in Baton Rouge After serving locally in the city of Baton Rouge, she broadened her service to an increasing commitment on the state-level, which lead to 13 years representing District 29. As a consequence of her work ethic, she ultimately made history as the first female elected to Speaker Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives.  In 2005, Sharon Weston Broome earned her current title as Louisiana State Senator and in 2008 she became President Pro Tempore.

Though her drive and commitment began 25 years ago, she has remained impactful and relevant throughout communities. “There is more work to be done in Louisiana which the citizens deserve to see prioritized. I will continue to strive for effective outcomes as it relates to education and learning, closing the poverty gap, and health disparity. These issues affect so many citizens who work effortlessly to make a living for their families; I will do my best to lead the needs of my constituents to the hands of the ones who could help bring change, and that, my friend, is not a job; it’s a calling.”

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