About the Policy Resource Center

Launched on March 2, 2011, The Diabetes Resource Center focuses on raising awareness as well as mobilizing and supporting state legislators in sponsoring diabetes-related initiatives in their states. The resource center will act as a clearinghouse of educational materials and policy resources aimed at addressing the gaps in the education, prevention, and management of diabetes and related diseases.

About Women In Government

Women In Government is a national, non-profit, non-partisan organization leading the nation with a vision to empower and mobilize all women state legislators to effect sound policy. With over 20 years of experience working with state legislators, state agency representatives, and the public, Women In Government proudly hosts over 20 educational conferences annually to address the nation’s public policy issues. For more information visit: http://www.womeningovernment.org.

Women In Government Diabetes Health Challenge Campaign

Women In Government is launching a three-year campaign to raise awareness of diabetes. The Diabetes Health Challenge Campaign seeks to educate, empower, and engage legislators and the public about the impact of diabetes in their states and to bring together the community, advocacy groups, medical professionals, pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and policymakers, in the fight against diabetes.

Diabetes affects approximately 26 million children and adults in the United States. Additionally, 79 million U.S. adults have pre-diabetes, a condition that can increase a person’s risk of diabetes type 2, heart disease, and stroke. If the trend continues, one in three Americans could have diabetes by 2050.

The national economic burden of pre-diabetes and diabetes reached an alarming $218 billion in 2007. This has significant impact on state budgets. Yet, engaging people with diabetes to be active in their disease management can minimize costs. For every dollar invested in diabetes education, nine healthcare dollars typically spent can be saved.

Diabetes Policy Resource Center Contacts:   

Contact: Dyan Alexander, Director of Policy & Programs
Phone:   202-333-0825
E-mail:   dalexander@womeningovernment.org

Contact: Jessica Hill, Diabetes Policy Resource Center- Graduate Health Policy Fellow
Phone:   202-333-0825 
E-mail:   jhill@womeningovernment.org