20th Annual State Directors’ Conference

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January 2 - 4, 2014
Phoenix, AZ
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Agenda topics included healthcare, energy, economic development, education and leadership among others.  The speakers were a mix of content area experts, and the event welcomed approximately 60 State Directors. Also in attendance were women from the Offices of Women's Health, as well as young women from local colleges to participate in our leadership program, Future Women In Government.

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Learn more about the topics discussed below:

Implementation of Healthcare Reform & the Impact on Women’s Health
Judy Waxman, JD, from the The National Women's Law Center provided legislators with an update on how women’s healthcare has been impacted by reform. At the conference, several Office of Women’s Health state liaisons joined the program, and this segment provided a kick-off for discussion on women’s health.

Best Practices: Receiving the Right Care at the Right Time
State policy solutions that incorporate Evidence Based Medicine promise to reduce costs and to promote better health outcomes and quality improvement. This session took a closer look at the practice and tools of Evidence Based Medicine. Nick Beard, MD, the Senior Vice President of Product Management at MCG, Formerly Milliman Care Guidelines spoke about helping providers and payors drive effective care in their own work and through the conversations that connect them. Learn more about his work by visiting MCG's website here.

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Making Food & Nutrition Mainstream: Helping Families Make Easy, Informed Choices
Cynthia Goody, PhD, MBA, RDN, LDN, the Senior Director of Nutrition at McDonald’s Corporation spoke about how the food and beverage industry must play an integral role in providing healthy choices, as they can greatly increase access for the masses. This session provided an update on the changing choices and policy.

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Diabetes & Obesity State Action Plans
This session focused on the very important legislation that has been created in several states, establishing Diabetes and Obesity Action Plans. Laura Keller, the State Director of Government Affairs for nine Western Region states at the American Diabetes Association spoke about some of the successes and challenges in passing this legislation. Learn more about what states have good examples by viewing the materials below:

  • Ms. Keller's presentation here.
  • American Diabetes Association's resources and network by visiting their website here.

Preventing Childhood Obesity through Healthy Choices and Livable Communities
Margo Wootan, PhD, BS, the Director of Nutrition Policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest and Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch, the New Media Senior Writer and Editor for Prevent Obesity spoke about the variety of ways legislators can promote healthy living and eating in their communities.Learn more about these strategies by viewing the materials below:

  • Ms. Wootan's presentation here.
  • Ms. Brotherton-Bunch's presentation here.

Supporting Caregivers and Mature Workers through a New Focus on Nutrition
Wellman Nutrition recently developed a Families and Work Institute's online workplace Nutrition Toolkit that helps concerned employers support their workers who are caregivers, as well as mature employees themselves. Nancy Wellman, PhD, RD, FADA the Principal at Wellman Nutrition spoke on this topic.Learn more about this issue by viewing the materials below:

Legislating Care Coordination
Terry McInnis, MD, MPH the President of Blue Thorn, Inc. spoke in a session focused on the legislative options that legislators can take regarding comprehensive medication management and care coordination in their states.

Pulmonary Hypertension – Increasing Early & Effective Diagnosis
Katie Kroner, MSW, the Director, Advocacy & Awareness for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association spoke about how Pulmonary Hypertension affects people of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds. The disease is difficult to diagnose and has a grim prognosis, yet every patient is different, and new research with the potential to improve the outlook for this disease is being conducted all the time. Learn more about PH by viewing the materials below:

  • Ms. Kroner's presentation here.

Goal 2025—State Higher Education Attainment Goals
Alli Bell, PhD, MA, an Associate for HCM Strategists, LLC spoke about how since 1980, college tuition has tripled at public and private four-year universities, and doubled at community colleges. This session will focus on the changing state demographics, the need to serve a different kind of student, and the shifting share (and decline) in educational revenues.

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Topics in Telecom
Jolynn Barry Butler, the Executive Director, Regulatory State & Legislative Affairs Strategy
AT&T, Inc. spoke about the history of telecommunications has changed drastically in a century. How can legislators ensure that everyone has access to telecommunications in the changing environment?

Energy & Innovation
Kate Maracas, the Vice President of Development of the SW Region for Abengoa Solar LLC provided legislators with information on the changing landscape of energy. Increased penetration of renewable energy across many states is changing the way utilities do business, how they must use innovation to adapt their business models, and how solar thermal power plants can help the grid in balancing the future mix of renewable and conventional resources.

Women In Leadership
Kelly Dittmar, PhD, the Assistant Research Professor for the Center for American Women in Politics (CAWP) spoke about her work at CAWP and how they are working with Women In Government to encourage leadership. She provided information on how women are represented in government, and what they can do to promote leadership in their states.

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Work Life Balance with an Eye Towards the Future
Marion Sullivan, the Government Relations Director for WellPoint spoke about how maintaining a good work-life balance is important for all women in government, and the private sector. This segment discussed how to keep the balance in check.

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