Representative Christina Hagan

Representative Christina Hagan

Get to Know the 24%: Representative Christina Hagan
The Face For A New Generation of Legislators

Smart, well-spoken, poised, all words to describe Representative Christina Hagan. She is one of the youngest representatives in the Ohio State Legislature having been appointed at the ripe young age of 22, yet she is already passing legislation to benefit the wellbeing of her constituents in District 50 and changing the political landscape of the state of Ohio.

Representative Hagan is no stranger to state politics; she is the daughter of former Ohio State Representative John Hagan.  “After watching my father, I knew that serving the people was something I wanted to take part in,” she said while describing her motivation to run for office. Her intention wasn’t to be the youngest female legislator in Ohio’s history, but rather provide the people in her district with the best representation possible from her perspective. She stated, “There have been 24 men under the age of 27 who have been elected into [Ohio’s] state legislature, I wanted women to be adequately represented too.”

And it is this perspective that has shaped many of Representative Hagan’s legislative efforts during her time in office. She and her husband have experienced firsthand the devastating financial burden of student loans, “Tuition debt is a problem for many people of my generation. I wait tables on the weekends to help pay for the cost of my student loans. And many of my coworkers at the restaurant, highly capable and intelligent people, are struggling with the same thing.” Representative Hagan has worked to provide the state with financial literacy legislation, a bill that advocates for transparency on student loans and accountability on behalf of the universities. During this process, she has also stressed the importance of career opportunities while students are still in school. Her other efforts include legislation for presumptive care for firefighters and job opportunities for Ohio residents within America’s domestic oil and gas industries.

With her successful endeavors in state politics, Representative Hagan has become an archetype for young women interested in politics. She admires many women who have set the ground before her, for example former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson and the late Margaret Thatcher; both respectable women that have changed the traditional male-dominated political landscape. “I admire Margaret Thatcher because she stood in the face of adversity and fought for what she believed in. In this day and age, it’s difficult being a conservative young female, but defying the odds is the essence of being an American.”

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Farnaz Alimehri joined Women In Government as a Graduate Policy Fellow in June 2015 after successfully completing the Future Women In Government Program at the Western Regional Conference in May 2015. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Minors in French and Spanish from Regis University in Denver, Colorado. In the past, Farnaz worked as a Legislative Intern at the Colorado State Capitol, and as the General Manager of KRCX, Regis University Radio. Farnaz is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Security Studies at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service with the intent on graduating in May 2017.

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