Affordable Healthy Foods Legislation

This section of the Childhood Obesity Policy Resource Center contains information about state legislation that have been introduced or enacted as well as regulations that have been finalized in order to increase access to affordable, healthy foods.


  • New Jersey Senate Bill 2459 (2013) - Introduced - Prohibits service and sale in schools of food and beverage items labeled as not intended or recommended for children.

  • Florida Senate Bill 778 (2013) - Prefiled - Relates to transactions in fresh produce markets; requires certain owners and operators of farmers' markets, community farmers' markets, flea markets, and other open-air markets selling fresh produce to allow authorized Food Nutrition Service groups, associations, and third-party organizations to operate electronic benefits transfer systems in such markets.


  • Missouri House Bill 344 (2011) - Enacted - Provides for the Farm-to-Table Advisory Board to make recommendations allowing schools and state institutions to incorporate locally grown agricultural products into cafeteria offerings, salad bars, and vending machines and to provide an increase in public awareness of locally grown agricultural products role in healthy communities and lifestyles.

  • Alaska House Bill 70 (2010) - Enacted - Establishes a farm to school program within the Department of Natural Resources to strengthen the links between state agriculture and state food procurement in schools, expand local markets, and improve the nutrition of school meals.

  • Colorado Senate Bill 81 (2010) - Enacted - Concerns creation of the Farm-To-School Healthy Kids Act, and, in connection therewith, establishing an interagency task force to develop farm-to-school program policies.

  • Illinois Senate Bill 615 (2010) - Enacted - Directs the Department of Agriculture to establish a farm-school database to facilitate the purchase of fresh produce and food products by schools. The database must contain the information necessary for schools to identify and contact agricultural producers that are interested in supplying schools in the state and for producers to identify schools in the state that are interested in purchasing their products. The legislation authorizes the department to solicit federal and state funding for implementing the program.

  • California Senate Bill 281 (2005) - Enacted - Establishes the California Fresh Start Pilot Program to encourage and support schools to provide additional portions of fresh fruit and vegetables in the School Breakfast Program. The program is the nation’s first to earmark funds that would increase consumption fresh fruit and vegetables in a school food program, and it reimburses schools 10 cents for every breakfast offering an additional serving of fruit and vegetables, encouraging schools to buy California products when commercially available.


  • Mississippi Regulation 13519 (2013) - Adopted - Meals shall meet the nutritional standards as prescribed in this section. A child care facility shall provide adequate and nutritious meals prepared in a safe and sanitary manner. Meals and vending services shall meet the standards from the Offices of Healthy Schools and Child Nutrition for the Mississippi State Department of Education as well as USDA Food and Nutrition Service guidelines.

Note: Women In Government provides sample legislation as an educational resource and does not endorse any specific piece of legislation.