Physical Activity in Schools Legislation

This section of the Childhood Obesity Policy Resource Center contains information about state legislation that have been introduced or enacted as well as regulations that have been finalized in order to increase physical activity in schools.


  • Arizona Senate Bill 1114 (2013) - Introduced - Relates to schools; relates to daily organized physical activity. Each school district governing board and charter school governing body shall adopt policies to require pupils in kindergarten programs and grades one through five to engage in daily organized physical activity outside or inside the classroom.
  • Texas House Bill 277 (2013) - Introduced - A school district shall require a student enrolled in full-day prekindergarten, in kindergarten, or in a grade level below grade six to participate in moderate or vigorous daily physical activity for at least 30 minutes throughout the school year as part of the district's physical education curriculum or through structured activity during a school campus's daily recess.


  • California Senate Bill 1087 (2012) - Enacted - Relates to After School Learning and Safe Neighborhoods Partnership Program that provides for the operation of organized camps by specified organizations for a specified number of hours each week with obtaining a license or special permit.
  • Colorado House Bill 1069 (2011) - Enacted - Requires each school district board of education to adopt a physical activity policy that meets specified requirements; requires certain charter schools to implement such policies.
  • Maine House Bill 939 (2011) - Enacted - Implements the recommendations of the PE4ME planning and oversight team related to improving the health and physical fitness of elementary school children; authorizes the use of resources allocated from this fund to develop improved physical education programs for elementary schools; implements plans for improving the health, nutrition and physical fitness of elementary school children; implement a pilot project to demonstrate the efficacy of progressive practices involving physical and health education.
  • Georgia House Resolution 466 (2011) - Resolutions Adopted - Commends the Healthy Kids Challenge program and recognizes March 3, 2011, as Healthy Kids Challenge Day at the state capitol.
  • Tennessee House Bill 9 (2011) - Enacted - Requires the Office of Coordinated School Health in the Department of Education shall report to the General Assembly to include the percentage of public schools that integrate a minimum of ninety minutes of physical activity per week into the instructional school day, the types of such activities, any barriers that have limited full compliance with the requirement, innovative methods used to comply, studies linking such activity and academic performance and other related data.
  • Alabama Senate Joint Resolution 55 (2011) - Enacted - Recognizes the week of May 1-7, 2011, as Physical Education and Sports Week and the month of May as Physical Fitness and Sports Month.



  • New Hampshire  Regulation 5940 (2005) - Adopted - The purpose of this rule is to promote increased physical activity for all students K-12 and to offer guidelines to school boards on developing a written policy concerning developmentally appropriate daily physical activity.

Note: Women In Government provides sample legislation as an educational resource and does not endorse any specific piece of legislation.