Addressing the Treatment of Obesity in North Carolina

The Capitol Forum on Treatments for Obesity convened on April 1, 2015 in North Carolina. Women In Government and co-hosted the event with Senator Gladys Robinson, Representative Bobbie Richardson, and Representative Rosa Gill and attendence included both legislators and interested parties. Joe Nadglowski, the President/CEO of the Obesity Action Coalition and expert in the field, addressed the group on the stigmas behind obesity and the efforts to incorporate a more comprehensive approach to solving the disease today. He emphasized obesity as a complex disease with more factors then simply caloric intake as the sole determinant. Joe concluded by giving policymakers a list of top properties including improving access to care, making obesity treatment a part of the essential healthcare benefits provided by the state and investing in community based prevention. The event wrapped up with an engaging Q&A session. Women In Government, along with co-hosts, hopes to have shed some light onto different approaches to solving obesity.