Give America Hope


November 5, 2019

Give America Hope (GAH), a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Frederick, Maryland, is excited to announce the first public presentation of our Risk Assessment Monitoring System (RAMS) at the Women In Government (WIG) Healthcare and Technology Summit on November 15, 2019 in Washington, D.C. The RAMS instrument is focused on addressing Substance Use Disorders (SUDs).

“We are both honored and humbled to have this opportunity to present our state-of-the-art predictive monitoring and evaluation system of addiction and relapse to members of WIG, one of the leading national organizations addressing the opioid epidemic,''said Charlie Seymour, founder and president of Give America Hope.

“RAMS is a game-changer, and will provide policy makers and providers the critical predictive empirical data they need to develop and employ systems-wide tools and resources. RAMS has the potential not only to save countless lives, but insure people can transition to various sustainable recovery pathways,” said Matt Mossburg, Strategic Development Director for GAH.

“RAMS truly functions as an ‘early warning system’ for addiction and relapse,”said Patrick Curran, Ph.D, and Dan Bauer, Ph.D, of Curran-Bauer Analytics, strategic partners who have worked with Charlie Seymour to advise and develop RAMS. “This is a wholly unique approach to developing an evidence-based and empirically-informed system that addresses the key factors contributing to addiction and relapse,” they stated.

“RAMS is an enormous step forward, providing scientifically credible and tangible answers addressing addiction prevention, chronic use and relapse”, Mossburg stated. “Even more important, RAMS will offer new predictive insights by taking a data science perspective to refine predictive models through machine learning and other statistical tools that were unavailable to us in the past. We are leveraging technology to the fullest.”

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