Listen for Legislator PSAs During Migraine and Headache Awareness Month and Throughout the Year

Washington, DC – Beginning in June and throughout the year, Women In Government is airing radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs) recorded by women state legislators nationwide to increase awareness of the symptoms and impact of migraine disease.
Migraine disease impacts more than 37 million Americans and women are three times more likely to suffer from migraine than men.
In addition to the human toll, migraine disease costs more than 200 million dollars a year in the United States in medical expenses and lost work productivity. 
“States are leaders in the effort to increase awareness of an invisible, yet disabling condition,” stated Lucy Gettman, Executive Director of Women In Government,” “We’ll keep it going all year, not just one month out of twelve.”

Migraine can begin at any age, usually peaking during your 30s.  Migraine can cause severe pain that lasts for hours or in the worst case days.  Migraines include serious symptoms such as nausea, difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly, and sensitivity to light, sounds and odors.
Listen to a sample Migraine and Headache Awareness PSA on Women In Government’s website: and check out our policy page for more Migraine and Headache resources.
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